who’s behind studio bickett?

We operate with a small core staff, including some of the top graphic and web designers in the area, and maintain a friendly network of highly experienced specialists who we match with the specific needs of each project. With over 10 years of experience in graphic design, creative art, print production, marketing, and web development, our team has the knowledge required to help you achieve your marketing goals.

what we do.

We design and create awesome advertising and branding for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits that not only look great but work extremely well, too. We limit the number of clients we work with per month to ensure we are fully dedicated to your graphic design needs. Check out our services that fit a variety of budgets or feel free to get in touch with us about working together on your next graphic design project.

why we do what we do.

Simply because we love all things creative! Being creators of functional design is our passion and there is nothing else we’d rather be doing for our 8 to 5 – except maybe riding motorcycles, but in our neck of the woods, that can’t happen all the time like designing can! And plus, we need to fund our Starbucks habit somehow….

who’s in charge?

Nicole Bickett started Studio Bickett back in 2006. It was her vision to be a small design firm that keeps quality design and customer service at the highest priority, to create awesome creative works, all while being affordable. After graduating college with a degree in Visual Communications, she worked as the creative director for an advertising magazine, and then as the marketing director and brand manager for a communications company where she was responsible for marketing company products and services through use of newspaper, radio, television, direct mail, exhibits, web and other various avenues.With a move to South Dakota, she decided to make her vision a reality, and what started with a business card here and a brochure there has turned into well known design firm. Nicole is also a past president of AAF-Black Hills and she continues to actively help with the organization. As the principal owner and creative director, she handles all of the day to day operations of Studio Bickett. She lives in Rapid City, S.D., with her husband Brian and daughter Ellie.